In order to cooperate better and to standardize things we set the rules below.

1. These rules are not fixed. They can be changed with agreement of lair members.

2. Lair has no leader. We try to reach consensus of members about everything.

3. There are no nazistic, rasistic or other insults allowed. Any violation is punished with exclusion from lair.

4. No spamming please!

5. Forum is accessible only to lair members.

6. Because lair is intended for personal things, we want to see people, who will have full access, in person. Those who don't know any member will have to attend some meeting where at least one member is present. Slovenia is small and anyone who is motivated to improve his skills will have to drive to the closest member or convince him to come to his proximity.

7. Every new member must introduce himself and write something about himself and his condition in section Members (─îlani).

8. Member who recommended the new member must write his opinion about him and evaluate his level of knowledge and experience.

SLO-lair team